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  • Our NEW & IMPROVED Freight Brokers Academy v2.0 offers a very convenient and self-paced option for our students, including downloadable course materials and recorded audio & video training sessions.
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  • The program includes one full year of access to monthly live webinars with top industry experts covering a variety of topics critical to your ongoing success.
  • In addition to all of that, we have freight brokerage companies ready and willing to hire our graduates as new freight agents with no previous industry experience.

Some educators are only talking to college degree students. Tony is for all, he answered all questions with poise and never made anyone feel like their question wasn't valid. The strongest aspect was being able to download all material to reference-check when needed. The literature was put together in which you now have majority (if not all) of your intel with you at all times, your own library of agent/brokerage guides. I will recommend FBA to anyone looking to get into the business. Money well invested.

-Leniel (September 2023)y 2023)

Thank you for taking your time to squeeze all this valuable information in a short format that will prepare people on any level in the industry (or even people with no idea how the business works) to go out there and build a reliable network that will work for years to come. This helps to build a business right from the get go! 

-Emmanuel (May 2023)

Tony is a very knowledgeable teacher with loads of constantly updating information, which is a plus in this industry. The course was exceptionally well thought out and Tony's patience is king.

-John (September 2022)

I enjoyed the course, it was very well presented and organized. I have taken a few online courses, and this is one of the best. The presentation and information is very useful and current in today's work environment. 

-Richard (September 2022)

Thanks for creating this course and offering it at a great affordable rate! I could not pass on something like this, and I am going to recommend it to others without a doubt. I liked the written materials with the downloads, something that I can print and have handy with me each day to help me stay organized.

-LaTanya (April 2022)

I found this course easy to understand from start to finish. The trainer is very knowledgeable, positive and helpful when questions arise.

-Donald (April 2022)

Tony is awesome. He explains every detail so everyone can understand it. Great trainer & teacher!

-Felix (March 2022)

This course was detailed and helpful. I really enjoyed it! The seminars made it real world.

-Regina (January 2022)

Just wanted to say thanks for answering 90% of the questions I had and 100% of the questions I didn't know I had! The strongest aspect of this course was the ability to show the ease of success in a field I personally thought was beyond my reach!

-Jerry (July 2021)

This course is straightforward and the monthly workshops are a good opportunity to learn about new students and other ideas. The clear communication and the documentation/videos/audios provided will be of much help when starting to work as an agent.

-Humberto (July 2021)

"Tony is excellent. I took a few other courses, and not to put anybody down, the other instructors seem to overcomplicate things. I appreciate the simplicity of explanation given to the learning materials and the upbeat attitude of Tony. He does not talk down to anyone and makes you want to get out there and get it done!
I must say I feel more motivated after having taken this course. Thank you, sir!

-Charmaine (May 2021)

The strongest aspect of this course was how to locate shippers and carriers and how to create an Excel spreadsheet. Also, how to communicate with shippers and carriers to build a relationship that brings service and value to them. 
Of course, all the written materials were also excellent.

-Linda (July 2021)

Thank you for sharing your experience with us to help us become good freight brokers or freight agents. Also, great job for putting together all the information we need to prepare ourselves for the real world in logistics. I really appreciated being able to talk to the instructor about things we might not have understood in the course.

-Myron (August 2021)

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