Freight Broker Business Success Group

Coach, mentor and successful entrepreneur Tony DeCresie
gives you all the tools you need to start and build your own freight brokerage company! 

In-Depth Training

An 8-week intense training program that covers everything needed to properly start and grow your successful licensed and bonded freight brokerage business, with new training materials every week.

One-on-One Coaching

Live group training sessions and weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Tony, followed by weekly group training + Q&A sessions for as long as you like after the initial 8-week program is completed.

Branding Your Business

Your company needs a logo, website, URL, customized email addresses for you and your staff, and it also needs social media accounts ~ this program helps you with all of that!

Join Freight Broker Business Success Group Now

Trainer Tony DeCresie becomes your personal coach and mentor to show you step-by-step everything you need to know, everything you need to do, when you need to do it, and how you need to do it!

Not a natural-born salesperson? You've never recruited, trained, managed or motivated a staff before? No worries, Tony will help you do that, and in some cases, will do it for you!

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Freight Broker Business Success Group is being offered to a select few who are ready to dedicate themselves to taking their business and careers to a whole new level. We are here to help you every step of the way on your journey to success!

Our goal is to help you reach a level of success and personal fulfillment that you never thought possible before!

Members of Freight Broker Business Success Group get:

  • An 8-week intense and in-depth special training program that covers EVERYTHING important that is needed to properly start and build a successful licensed and bonded freight brokerage business
  • Assistance completing and submitting your Freight Broker MC Authority application fo the FMCSA (if you haven't done that already)
  • Weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom every week, where Tony covers a critical new training topic each week and holds a Q&A session at the end 
  • One-on-one personal coaching sessions with Tony each week during the initial 8 weeks of the program
  • Then weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (your choice) one-on-one coaching sessions with Tony for as long as you are participating in the group
  • Assistance with website creation and monthly website maintenance and updates included with your monthly subscription
  • Assistance setting up social media accounts for your new business (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn etc)
  • Joint advertising promotions
  • Assistance in recruiting and training new freight agents
  • Recommendations for the best software to purchase or subscribe to for your business
  • Recommendations for the best factoring companies and surety bond companies to use for your business (and assistance with negotiating the best deal when applicable)
  • Assistance with finding the best Contingent Cargo Liability insurance
  • Assistance with determining freight rate quotes and creating proposals for large shipper account opportunities
  • Templates for broker/agent agreements
  • Templates for broker/shipper agreements
  • Templates for broker/carrier agreements
  • Customized assistance for whatever problem, issue or opportunity that might come along in your business that you need help with
  • Membership in the Freight Brokers Business Success Facebook Group, where you will receive additional training, support and interaction with other like-minded business owners who are dedicated to success in the freight brokerage business

You are invited!

We are pleased to make Freight Broker Business Success Group (version 2.0) available at a special 2022 introductory rate for a limited time only:


$495 NOW
$495 in 30 days
(With a month-to-month option for ongoing training & support after that)

After the initial 8-week program, you may continue with weekly training and coaching for as long as you want or need Tony's help in building and growing your business. Membership participation is on a month-to-month basis after completion of the initial 8-week program. 

30-Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

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